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"jonas, 2040." do not forget to go to bill o'reilly is next. "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington. mr. bill o'reilly is next. are you ready? bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight? >> why does the administration seem to be so thin scib skinned with regard to fox news? >> i'm not sure i agree with your question. >> jesse waters challenges bill burton's over the administration's attitude toward fox news. we have two reports on a very controversial situation. >> the interrogation of rendered people was very important to protecting america. it has, indeed, saved lived. bill: now attorney general eric holder might go after cia interrogators even though president obama says he doesn't want that we'll have the latest. >> i have had eight shots.
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>> bill: young women bing drinking. apparently it's a growing problem in america. >> i'm about to do a keg stand right now. bill: also, michael jackson's death is a homicide. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thank you for watching us tonight. president obama on vacation and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. following in the footsteps of bill clinton, mr. obama will take a week off on martha's vineyard with his family and they are arriving. the president will rest and recharge and, boy, does he need it in the health care chaos has damaged the president's credibility and his job approval ratings as well. latest rasmussen daily tracking poll has 28% of americans strongly approving of the job the president is doing but a whopping 40% strongly
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disapproving. that is not good. as far as health care is concerned. this another significant problem coming down the road is it legal will deal with it tomorrow. forcing americans to buy health insurance of any kind may be unconstitutional. according to a number of scholars, the feds can't force us to buy anything. just another annoying thing for the president to consider as he enjoys his $35,000 a week estate in the vineyard. the obamas are paying most of the rent themselves as the president made big bucks from his books. talking points hope the obamas have a good time and that the president understands not all of those who oppose his policies are doing so for nefarious reasons. yes, there are some who despise the president. but most of us want what's best for america. and bankrupting it certainly does not fit that mind set. with the president paying so much for a week of leash, you might think about money a bit. as it looms large in the health care debate. finally the president must know
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that his health care vision is in serious trouble and he must adjust quickly. blaming dissenters and news agencies like fox who do not demean legitimate protests actually is hurting the president. today factor producer jesse waters asked bill burton this. >> why does the administration seem to be so thin-skinned with regards to fox news? >> thin-skinned? that's interesting. i wouldn't say they were thin-skinned. i would say that we -- we appreciate that there are people not just at fox but in all aspects of the media who are -- who come to this with sometimes very sharp opinions. sometimes very tough questions. and the president has, in the past, obviously been happy to take tough questions. >> it seems like on a number of occasions we have been singled out from being maybe a little mover critical than some the other cable networks and outlets. is that a strategy or is that some haphazard? >> like i said i don't agree
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with the premise of your question. and so i wouldn't really know how to answer. bill: well, with all due respect to mr. burton, i think he is being a tad disingenuous that means i'm guessing. by the way jesse will be joining us from the vineyard shortly. that is the memo. now for the top story tonight. how bad is the tension between the obama administration and fox news? joining us now from martha's vineyard chief white house correspondent and birthday guy major garrett who is 65 years old today. >> bill, i turned 65 last year. i thought you and were friends. come on. bill: i hope you have a good time tonight. >> thanks. bill: this is a serious story. look. let's put it all out there on the table. fox news is now the most powerful news organization in the country and that means that we reach more people in a stronger way, particularly in prime time than anybody else does and we beat katie couric in the demographic last week. we beat her in july. we're closing in on all of the
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other networks. and cable we just wipe them out. why then would the obama administration want to have a testy relationship with us and do they? >> well, they don't with me, bill. look, i'm the senior white house correspondent for our network and i'm very proud of the job that i have. every single briefing when the president has sat down with round robin networks i have been in place like everybody else. the president has called on me at every single press conference say for one when we were basically punished for the broadcast side of our network operations, fox broadcast not caring that prime time news conference live. i wasn't called on as punishment for that other than that, bill, that's been the only time that i have had to suffer. look, there are people within the administration who take a very dim view of some of the prime time shows on our network. that's been communicated to me not necessarily -- and during the campaign can i tell you because i was out there for the better part of 14 months, down
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the stretch as we were getting nearer and nearer to election day i heard at least once a week from riff from then candidate obama from fox news. he was a red meat crowd pleaser and i was either in the audience or listening to it in the file center. i took it in stride. as to the strategy now, i would say it's not a strategy now other than the one time the president mentioned it in the white house, when he was interviewed by john harwood of cnbc and he specifically labeled us as a network that wasn't adequately favorable to him. that was way he put it. bill: that's ridiculous. no network should be favorable to president obama. it's our job to be accident -- skeptical of the powerful. greta van susteren certainly has no action to grind against president obama. you have me, who you know, it's interesting the perceptions. some democrats feel that i'm obama hater. some republicans feel that i'm too soft on obama. both of those signals tell me i'm doing my job. i certain live don't have any personal animus or ideological
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animus against the man. sean hannity is a republican. it is obvious that he does not like president obama. and thinks his policies are bad. but, in totality, with shepard smith coming at 7:00. with bret baire coming at 6:00, you have a presentation that's not overtly hostile to president obama. what we -- what the contention is is that we glorify the protesters. but that's bull. we just don't demean them like all the other networks do. so i'm trying to get in my mind why the obama people don't see this as a negative toward them. a fight with fox hurts them. helps our ratings, hurts their ratings. but they continue, i think, to make an issue of it. >> well, i mean, the one time during the presidency was the one interview did with john harwood. now, i know other cable networks when they hear the president say cable chatter think the president is talking about them. many think the president is
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talking about us. during one of his recent town meetings, he said, you know, if you go across cable and you stop your remote at a certain channel you know you hear critical things. bill: of course that's fox. >> of course that's fox. bill: ant you don't get, i quund stand and you correct me if i am wrong, you don't get a lot of, you know, information given to you while they do feed it out, particularly to nbc news all the time. you don't get preferential treatment. you don't get pulled aside and say look, a heads up, major, this may be coming down. you don't get any of that. >> there are times when i have been given a heads up there have been times when i have been tipped to small things. in the larger course of white house dissemination of information, every white house does it republican, democrat, they all have their selected outlets. it is obvious we are not among them for the obama white house. i fight and scratch for everything i get. i'm happy to do it. i don't have any problem with it. i show up to work every day and this network and this -- bill: major, i have invited gibbs on for the last three
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weeks. why won't he come on the factor? what's the matter with him. >> probably doesn't see percentage in it. bill: i want you to tell gibbs for me i would love to have him on the program. through that? >> i will tell him, absolutely. bill: we want to wish major a happy birthday and i hope you enjoy yourself tonight. thank you, major. coming up on the run down, will the justice department begin arresting cia agents over terrorist interrogations? could happen. later, michael jackson was murdered. that's whaha ♪ (laughing through computer) good night, buddy. good morning, dad. (announcer) oreo. milk's favorite cookie.
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with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ . bill: continuing now with our lead story. the obama administration versus fox news. what are the political implications on all of this. joining from us washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. juan, have you been around washington, what, 40, 50 years? you and major -- >> i was here when major was just born.
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bill: it's such a big story because i don't think -- people understand, the people who watch us understand. people who don't watch fox news, the power of the network. i mean, power of this network now is transcended all the other networks. particularly because of prime time. you know, 6 million people a night are watching the factor. it's -- and why would they want -- even if they are annoyed. if i were obama i would be annoyed at sean hannity, he is a republican. he doesn't like him. i would be annoyed. so what? you know, he is a republican. that's what republicans do. sean describes himself as a reagan republican. ok? a reagan republican is not going to like a liberal democrat. ever. go, juan. >> i think you are exactly right. he is not -- glenn beck is not going to like barack obama. so be it. but you have got to get in the arena and fight. if you think back, remember when you had president bush and dick cheney on the stand and they were pointing at a "new york times" reporter and calling him
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a jerk. ok. but it's not like the "new york times" stopped covering the bush administration. what's happening here, bill, is you have people inside the white house who say, wait a second. if we put barack obama on bill o'reilly's show, all that chorus over at msnbc is going to go ba than -- bananas. >> bill: so what, juan. nobody is watching them over there. they have no audience. nobody. what you just said, that's like saying the toledo mud hens are going to be mad. ok? it doesn't matter. >> it doesn't make sense. i agree with you. but that's their thinking. you asked me to tell you their thinking. that's their thinking. because they want to energize their base and they for the longest time thought if they could get their base going and not make them mad by showing up on fox show. now they are learning the power of fox news. >> i didn't want to insult the
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toledo mud hens. bill: i don't want to insult the toledo mud hens but they are a baseball team. what they think doesn't matter. ok? >> i think it's in the nature liberal democrat to take some shots at fox news. on a political level, as the president. it's not smart. because who are the people who are watching fox news in many cases? a lot of folks in the district of blue dog democrats exactly who he needs on board right now. bill: tons of independence are watching this. >> that's an important point. >> what is he doing? he is demonizing and sort of taunting the folks who live in these districts of the exact people he needs on his team to get this passed. it's a really bad idea. bill: what you saw in the rasmussen tracking daily poll today is a 40% number that strongly disapproves of the way barack obama is doing his job. in that 40% is contained, i would say at least 15% independent. and that is where he is making his mistake. he is never going to get conservative republicans to like him. we all know that.
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ok? but in the middle is where barack obama fails or succeeds. go ahead. >> he has got to do better with the independents, with people who are listening, people who are watching fox news. and so far he has failed to do that instead, again, what they are trying to do is think how can we avoid fox news at this moment without antagonizing left wing in this country. the left wing is very interesting, bill. they feel betrayed. they feel obama not been strong enough. part of his not being strong enough on health care or afghanistan he has not come on bill o'reilly's show, fox news to make his case. he hasn't made the case. as a result his opponents are the ones who are, you know, able to define the health care. bill: we have said that many times. there is only 20% of americans who describe themselves as liberal. 20%. you would say probably out of that 20%, 15% of those are just liberal. there is only 5% that are loons. rosie o'donnell, janine garofalo, all these people.
11:16 pm
it's only 5%. >> wait a second. bill: let mary katharine go. >> here's the issue. yeah, with what juan is saying, they are trying to throw a bone to liberals. at this point the liberals are kind of angry about the abandoning of the public option to a certain degree and a lot of things. if that's the bone they are trying to throw, it's not going to work. it's not cute anymore for him to take pot shots at fox news. i don't think it's hard left even if he is trying to get that small number of people. bill: juan. >> you have got to remember that the president's base is much larger, republicans in terms of self-identify even conservatives much less than democrats. if you think in those terms you are way off because what's the reettlez here is right enough to there is a large number of independents watching they are not getting as the president said we weed off, they are getting scared off because they think this president doesn't know what he is doing. they think this guy is not up to the fight. one of the reasons he won't come and face bill o'reilly. he won't come and face anybody who is critical. bill: i just want gibbs to come
11:17 pm
on. i didn't even invite obama on yet. i'm saving that i just want gibbs, the spokesperson who come on because he is the front man throwing this stuff out. >> avoiding you guys will not help. bill: juan, mary katharine as always. thank you. here are the results of the bill o' poll. we asked you which news agency do you trust the least? about 40,000 of you voted about 67 percent said msnbc. aka the toledo mud hens. 22% "new york times." >> 8% cnn. 3% pbs. directly ahead, will there be a witch-hunt against cia agents who interrogate terror suspects? it looks like that might be coming down. we will take you back to martha's vineyard where it's party time because of the obama vacation. word has it jesse waters visited a nude beach. those stories after these messages. hñí
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>> president obama says he does not want to prosecute cia agents who broke rules and laws interrogating terror suspects after 9/11. attorney general eric holder has decided to appoint a prosecutor to investigate about adozen cases of alleged cia wrongdoing while interrogating the terror
11:21 pm
suspects. he wants to see if crimes were committed. justice department official john durham will head the probe and with us now to analyze attorney and fox news analyst jamie. this will make the aclu happy but it's not going to make obama happy. >> that's not holder's job. i think being the a.g. is the hardest job in the administration. you are not really working for the president. you are working for us. you are working for the constitution. you have got to do what's right by the constitution and by the laws of the united states. if the special prosecutor what's needed here that's what he has got to do whether obama likes it or not. >> i just don't know. i who he holder and obama are friends. so i'm not going to say that holder -- they are not playing some subterfuge game. they may be. you know there is prosecutorial discretion on most everything. polls show americans do not want this. they think it's a hitch -- witch-hunt. this is at the memos. you will not see this on any other news program. the memo that holder is going by
11:22 pm
to appoint the special recruiter says quote, the cia's interrogation program was an absolute success in protecting americans from another attack and that includes waterboarding and all of that quote, absolute success. >> the 2004 memo goes back to 2004 in the bush administration. has been on to investigate what went on in these interrogations since long before eric holder had this job. yes, it is correct that obama said from the beginning that he wants to look forward. he doesn't want to look back. that's a political choice and probably a wise strategy. eric holder is not in a political job. bill: yeah. he can get fired. >> he can but you can't make decisions as attorney general because you are afraid of getting fired. bill: how many did nixon fire in one week. >> i'm thinking about nixon. you can't be thinking about nixon if you are attorney general. bill: i don't trust eric holder, i will tell you why. he is the guy that wanted marc rich to be pardoned. do you know who mark rich. >> i know all about mark rich
11:23 pm
and scooter libby, too. >> i went to clinton on the last day of the clinton administration who pleaded mark rich. bill: wait, wait, wait, jamie who pleaded mark rich's case. the biggest tax cheat in american history, holder goes in second in command in the justice department says mr. president, give this giant tax cheat a pardon. >> bill, the big news of today is the memo. it's not mark rich. it's the 2004 memo. bill: unless you can explain to me why he did that, i don't trust this guy. >> here is the good news if you don't trust him. here is the good news. he has noe appointed another man man. , a prosecutor independent of eric holder a prosecutor independent, a special prosecutor who is going to look into this matter that has been on the table since 2004. since before eric holder's time. the pressure has been on the justice department for years. bill: from the aclu. not from the folks. the folks don't want it. >> the pressure has been on from
11:24 pm
all sectors. bill: what soak tores. >> having to do with the memo of john and others. having to do with abu ghraib. bill: obama doesn't want it o'reilly doesn't want it those are the two most powerful people in the country. >> the big o's aren't the question. bill: 6 a% don't want it. there is no pressure. >> the big o's aren't the question. the question is the constitution and the federal law on torcher. bill: stop. stop. it's totally distressary. >> all of that is being looked at here is whether or not there is enough evidence to investigate. bill: that's true. >> if there is no the enough evidence we move on. if there is evidence we indict. bill: leon panetta issues a statement says we don't want. this he is at the cia. of course he doesn't want it. bill: that's a good point but panetta is a democrat. he says i don't want it mukasey the former head of the cia says if do you this, holder, no foreign country is going to cooperate with the united states and intel gathering because they don't want to be dragged into any scandal. we are going to lose all intel
11:25 pm
drying up around the world. you have might be killed because of it, jamie. >> this is not about politics. this is not about party. bill: you are totally ignoring my question. >> you didn't ask a question. you made a statement. bill: you may be killed because of this crazy decision by holder. >> we have federal laws on torcher for a reason. we can't just violate the willy-nilly and if they have been violated, we need to prosecute. bill: you could have prosecuted abraham lincoln for suspending habeas corpus. >> look. they are going to investigate. we will see what they find and you will have me back and we will talk about what they found. bill: i will have you back if you are alive. you may be killed because all of that stuff is going to dry up according to mukasey. >> i will be alive bill o'reilly. bill: i said mukasey, it's hayden. michael hayden. do i have that right? i hope i do. yes, hayden. >> hayden, mukasey was at justice. bill: i can't keep track of them all. jami floyd. john jon stewart's attack on fox news getting attention in the
11:26 pm
media update you on that. bing drinking by young american women. how bad is the problem? culture warriors will tell us. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. um bill-- why is dick butkus here? i hired him to speak. a lot of fortune 500 companies use him. but-- i'm your only employee. we're gonna start using fedex to ship globally-- that means billions of potential customers. we're gonna be huge. good morning! you know business is a lot like football... i just don't understand... i'm sorry dick butkus. (announcer) we understand. you want to grow internationally. fedex express
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bill: jesse waters roaming rooming around. what's the newsiest thing you
11:29 pm
have seen on the vineyards. >> there is a place called gay heads bluffs. we wandered down to the beach underneath the bluffs. it's a nude beach. it's partly an indian reservation so the laws of massachusetts public nudity aren't applicable there. i'm actually having an interview with politics about people without clothes on. probably the nuttiest thing i have seen so far here. bill: what's the ratio of naked democrats to naked republicans. who is more naked? >> i didn't do a partisan poll. i didn't really want to. i heard that bill clinton was there when he was vacationing here. bill: i don't believe that. i don't believe that clinton was there i know the vineyard pretty well. know the spot you are talking about. now, you were given the assignment to roam around the entire island and martha's vineyard is a pretty sophisticated island, four towns there. here is what he came up with.
11:30 pm
>> welcome to the vineyard. [ applause ] [cheers] [sirens] >> factor is in the vineyard. let's go see what we can find out there. ♪ recommendation it's reding columbus. every store in everything. >> welcome mr. president. >> we hope to see him somewhere on the island at some time. >> the president is here for vacation. how do you feel about that? >> he is pretty popular, especially here in this part of new england. so anywhere he goes he is going to get a big crowd. >> i think it's going to really energize the island and make things even more special. >> oh, real excited. boy, is that going to screw up the vineyard. >> i hope it's very good for businesses around here. >> hopefully he will stay up on the other end and leave us alone down here. >> are you guys a huge obama
11:31 pm
fan. >> he is not my guy. >> he is doing a good job as far as i'm concerned. >> definitely not. >> this is the agricultural state fair ♪ >> what do you think about some of obama's policies. >> i think he has accomplished more in six months than let's just say past administration did in eight years. >> his policies haven't made him very popular. cash for clunkers -- >> are you guys for universal health care? >> you mean everyone covered? as in most -- as in all of the industrial world except the united states? of course. >> he campaigned for hope and change and there has been no change and there is not a lot of hope out there. just a lot of debt. >> with the right wing acting the way they are, they are making it impossible for anybody to push anything forward. [cheers] ♪
11:32 pm
♪ ♪ >> i'm with bill o'reilly. >> oh god my favorite. >> are you a fox news fan? >> absolutely. >> yeah, i watch fox. >> what about bill o'reilly? >> i could care less what he thinks. >> hey, are you surprised that obama is running into trouble? spike? >> any advice for the president. >> don't allow any negative energy infiltrate your dream. >> relax and enjoy the vineyard it's the greatest place on earth earth. >> start listening to the people.
11:33 pm
>> advice? yeah watch out for mope heads. >> the secret service will clear those mope heads away. is there anything else you have to accomplish there? >> well, i think personally i'm going to ambush a big large bowl of clam chow der and maybe a lobster dinner. obama is laying low. he has been on tv 24/7. he going to try to stay out of the spotlight. no indication what he is doing tonight. i think cindy sheehan is arriving in town tonight or tomorrow. i'm going to try to find out what she is up to. bill: cindy sheehan. you and as i understand industry a good rapport, good solid rapport. i look forward to your report with cindy tomorrow. spike lee did not seem happy to see you. >> no. no. i think he recognized me from the dnc in denver when he said he doesn't do fox news interviews. he is not really friends like cindy and i are. bill: spike lee and i know each other a little bit. new york knicks game. i'm in the men's room, about two
11:34 pm
years ago, three years ago, spike lee comes walking in to the men's room. i'm 6'4". spike is what, 5'2", giant. i'm at the urinal. he wanders up and says did you find any weapons of mass destruction in here? you have got to give him props for that line. >> that's pretty good. you tell him i said hello. jesse waters, everybody. >> i will. bill: when we come right back, police now say michael jackson's death is a homicide. we will have the latest. later, arnold schwarzenegger not happy about these commercials of the factor showed you last week. he may have a good reaeaeaeaeaea my grandkids are a great reason for me to keep my bones strong but even with calcium, vitamin d, and exercise, i still got osteoporosis. i never thought i could do more than stop my bone loss. then my doctor told me i could, with once-monthly boniva. boniva works with your body to help stop and reverse bone loss. studies show, after one year on boniva,
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what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? it pays to discover. bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the culture warrior segment tonight. two topics. l.a. police are ruled michael jackson's death a homicide. also, bing drinking by young american women. new study by the web site mom says bing drinking is a serious problem. >> i'm about to do a keg stand right now. >> i have had eight shots and i can't stand. >> how much you have had to drink. >> i have had 8 shots and a beer. >> [screams]
11:38 pm
>> let's follow him. let's follow him. >> i don't remember anything. bill: joining us now from mountain view california margaret hoover and here in the studio "fox & friends" co-anchor gretchen carlson. when i was in college there was this kind of stuff. people throwing up, passing out. hooking up with people they don't know. waking up in the morning, who are you? you went to stanford. that never happens there, right? >> unfortunately i think this happens at every college campus across america. bill: mom logic says it's worse now than it's ever been. you buying that. >> i'm not so sure. maybe it's just the first time that it's actually been documented this much in-depth. keep in mind kids are still impressionable at this age. and they tend to exaggerate. when they're answering the survey they may exaggerate some of the ways in which they answer the question. bill: is it worse now than it
11:39 pm
was when you were in college in 1955? >> look, i have got to tell you every girl going to college and every young man going to college in a couple of weeks should look at this video the the best way to be prepared for these situations is to watch it before you are there. i looked at that video and i literally could have been 10 years ago when i was in college. bill: hoar, you are making a mistake. why would you show this video to people who want to do. this nobody is forcing these people to do it. they go to these places and they do it because they want to do it. >> they are still going to do it by the way. >> you couldn't be more wrong about showing to people who want to do it. what happens, bill, as you know people's judgment deteriorates by 3:00 a.m. whether you have been going since 8:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. >> people who do it people who see this video are the parents. >> not going to stop people doing it we are trying to talk about it so they don't make bad decisions they stick together. they watch their. >> point about parents? >> did . also in this survey 50% of the
11:40 pm
parents say that he they did not school their children on the dangers of drinking. bill: they didn't talk about it before they went to school. >> that would be the first step here. bill: that's why we are doing the segment. we want parents to try to engage your children from age 12 on up about the dangers of this kind of stuff. now the dangers. the primary danger is getting loaded. on a bing drinking and then having sex with somebody unprotected. which can lead to pregnancy and to stds and on and on and on. i know personally in my life, a dozen people that happened to. it's a horror. it leads to abortion or a baby that's not wanted or put up for adoption or, you know, single mother home. it's a horror. that's number one. number two is the degradation -- you know, you degrade yourself, i think, hoover, by doing this kind of stuff because you get a reputation, things flipped around and all that am i wrong? >> you are right about all those things, in addition to just having unprotected sex and
11:41 pm
getting pregnant and making difficult choices you wouldn't have had to do otherwise, really dangerous stuff can happen, too. you can fall, you can hit your head. people get in fights. date rape drugs. you get in a car. you kill other people. i mean, this stuff happens and you make bad choices when you are -- bing drinking happening everywhere. bill: we are not here to tell anybody not to drink or whatever they want to do. but if you bing drink, you are putting yourself at great risk. all right. michael jackson, are you surprised now the l.a.p.d. says it's a homicide. >> i think this is a great thing. am i surprised in kind of because they didn't do this quite yet in the anna nicole smith case although they probably should have. the idea that they are now going to charge this as a homicide means that this doctor, do dr conrad murray is already facing manslaughter charges. that could be upgraded to murder in this case that could be a great thing. he may not be the only doctor that faces. this there were other doctors that supposedly gave these kind of drugs to michael jackson. this will stop the enabling process of these types of stars
11:42 pm
who can hire these doctors and get these kind of drugs. bill: that's a good point, hoover. because this has been going on since elvis presley they hire these doctors. this guy is being paid $100,000 a month just to minister to michael jackson. are you surprised they upgraded the situation to a homicide in los angeles? >> i wasn't surprised. i was glad. i think there are a lot of people throughout who followed michael jackson throughout the course of his life. throughout his career. everyone wants closure. everybody want to know what happened. it's great to -- that there is progress on this and also to all the nay sayers, there are a lot of people out there that don't understand how michael jackson could have been a victim in this kind of situation. bill: i don't think he is a victim. but you don't have to have a victim in a homicide case. jackson wanted the drugs. he wanted all this stuff. he is not a victim. it's like bing drinking. jackson went, in he wanted it. and there are the consequences. he is dead. but, a doctor is responsible if the patient wants to kill
11:43 pm
himself. the doctor can't let it happen. >> the doctor knew when he went into the situation that it was a risky role to be the doctor, the only doctor to michael jackson. bill: you want to say something, hoover? >> i think anna nicole smith case she certainly was a victim. they kept her drugged up and isolated. bill: no way. >> she was not complicit in her own death. bill: i'm sorry, anna nicole smith was a drug addict and knew what she was doing and hung around with people who gave her drugs i don't see her as a victim. and in europe, have you been in europe hoover, correct? >> yes. >> i'm not, you know what? i don't give me that. you might not have been. don't give me that yes, of course i have. >> flight attendant. >> we discussed this before. bill: political correctness in europe, hoar is way worse than it is in the united states. now they don't want you to use the following phrases. whiter than white. so the snow can't be whiter than white. gentleman's agreement. gentleman's agreement is apparently, hoover, offensive to ladies. are you offended by the term
11:44 pm
gentleman's agreement? >> no, i am not offended by it anybody offended by it needs to get thicker skinned. bill: are you saying the europeans are overly sensitive. >> i'm saying the europeans have let political correctness control them. help them make some terrible decision and stipulations that frankly are affecting their national sorchted. bill: i think the europeans should bing drink and get a perspective back. bill: you are going to think that i have been bing drinking when i tell you how i feel about this. bill: go. >> usually i think p.c. has gone way too far in our society. bill: you don't want gentleman's agreement in our society. >> there is evolution of phrases in our society. bill: evolution. >> that's why women now vote, bill and that's why we had civil rights. there is evolution in the way we describe things as well. bill: let me give you one more. right-hand man. you can't say that anymore. >> i'm not saying you can't say that. bill: why can't you say it? he is my right-hand man who does that offend? >> left-handed people.
11:45 pm
you are offending all left-handed people. this is crazy. it's totally run amuck. other part of the issue is should the government be controlling this? bill: control just issue guidelines. ladies, thanks very much. culture warriors. in meement jon stewart's attack on fox news subject of some media attention. alec baldwin says he may run against joseph lieberman for the senate. could that be possible? %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
bill: reality check, the segment that defines truth seeking and trashes chart tons. check one. last week we reported in pursuit of laughs jon stewart took fox news commentaries out of context north to titillate his lirnl audience. cnn picked up the controversy yesterday. >> speaking of fox news, there is a bit of a smack down on the airwaves that we are going to play for you that goes to the question of how fox is treating the protesters. first, jon stewart on the daily show played some delearships clips to that effect. bill o'reilly came back the next night with rebuttal. let's show that. >> when we cover the town hall meetings we don't describe the protesters as loons. >> of course you don't describe the protesters as loons. what kind of monster a would
11:49 pm
describe honest americans voicing their political opinions that way? >> surveys show many protesters are simply loons. >> all right, to be fair. to be fair. those were protesters he disagrees with. bill: to be fair? ha. once again, jon stewart took the loon clip out of context. here is what i really said. >> there are the anti-bush protesters here in new york city while most of these people have been peaceful. more than a thousand have been arrested and surveys show many protesters are simply loons. calling for the destruction of the american system, calling for retreat in the face of terrorism. >> and o'reilly went on to say that he understand stewart is a satirist but he had been unfair in the way he had framed it. daily show does selective editing for comedic purposes.
11:50 pm
isn't there how you describe protesters. >> i guess so. bill: you guess so, madam? you guess so? come on, out of context, heavily edited cheap shots are unacceptable in any venue. get it? check 2. even though it was most americans are disgusted by the demeaning of the health care protesters, the far left just keeps on trucking. >> >> bill: do the words off the deep end mean anything? check flee. there is a program on the bbc called hard talk. and recently interviewer steven
11:51 pm
satcore challenged green peace by reading from green peace's press release. >> as permanent ice decreases, we are looking at ice-free summers in the arctic as early as 2030. that's just plane misleading, isn't it? >> i don't think it's plain misleading. i know there sun certainties. i'm a climb togglist myself. >> green ice sheet is not going to melt by 2030 that is preposterous. >> we as a pressure crew have to emotionalize issues and we are not ashamed of emotionalizing issues, i think it's effect. >> you call it emotionalizing. others will call it scare tactics. will you sit here now and tell me in all honestly do not belief that the greenland ice sheet is going to melt by 2030. >> i don't know -- bill: sounds like a factor interview way to go bbc. check four, the rapper jay z. has a new song out
11:52 pm
bill: regular ottis redding, isn't he? check five, after winning the 400-meter hurdles in berlin last week, jamaican athlete me lane walker celebrated. >> there was a shot of jamaica's melaine walker getting a piggy back ride from mascot. >> look at the biggie back ride given by the mass co-to elaine walker. oh. i don't guess he is k. see very well in that outfit that could have been dangerous but apparently neither one injured in that collision. bill: are there no eye holes in that thing? now, berlin the bear declined to
11:53 pm
comment. but apparently there are no hard feelings. check six, the web site media reports, quote: bill: once again, we thank you all for your tremendous support. and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring alec balalalall introducing the all new chevy equinox. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the most fuel efficient crossover on the highway. better than honda cr-v, toyota rav4 and even the ford escape hybrid. the all new chevy equinox.
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11:55 pm
11:56 pm
bill: time now for pinheads and patriots. alan baldwin says that he might move to connecticut and run against joseph lieberman. we do not believe that is going to happen. the senator was asked about it. >> that would make my day. i respect alec baldwin as an actor and comedian. if he wants to run, that is his right. though " we believe that he is a patriot because he stands up -- bill: we believe that he is a patriot because he stands up for his relief -- police. this is a commercial but are more schwarzenegger made for japanese television.
11:57 pm
he looks happy, does he not? the governor's office is not happy. they did not make it clear that he made those commercials before he became the chief executive of california. as far as the governor is concerned, you can make the call. the american patriot hats are moving fast. the tf hats are selling briskly. all of the proceeds to go to charity. bill: he believes i overstated the deal. i do not mind his passion, even though i do think he is dead wrong.
11:58 pm
bill: especially when i am right. bill: my tie was much better. bill: that is why we challenged it. bill: stewart is smart. he appeared here a few years ago. we will try to get him back. bill: a bobblehead bill o'reilly
11:59 pm
gaulle might make people drive off the road. i have to think about public safety. bill: i appreciate that. it is because the people like you that it is breaking my personal records. it is not a pecksniffian, here it is to not be a pecksniffian. the talking points memo is there if you missed it. how about emailing us with some pithy comments. name and town if you wish to opine. do not be persnickety up when the writing to the factor. that is it for us tht

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